What Clients Have Been Saying About CANCER PANELS

A Patient's Perspective

Jenny Bogle—Ovarian cancer patient London, England.


"I recommend using CANCER PANELS for any patient who has a very complex illness and faces important questions on the best next steps in their options and treatment."

John Hutchins—Founder
PinnacleCare, Private Health Advisory












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John Hutchins-Founder

PinnacleCare, Private Health Advisory, www.PinnacleCare.com

"CANCER PANELS is a very unique resource. I learned about their services about five years ago. At PinnacleCare, we work with many members facing serious cancer diagnoses. For some of those members, the severity of their illness did not afford them the time or ability to visit multiple doctors to determine their course of best treatment. For one in particular, CANCER PANELS expert physician conference was her absolute last resort for a cure.

When I learned that CANCER PANELS had already identified the best providers in the country for each type of cancer, I knew this advanced homework could save PinnacleCare months of extensive research for our members with cancer diagnoses.

I know the value of using consultants to achieve the best results. However, until our PinnacleCare members started using CANCER PANELS expert physician conferences, I did not know the additional value of bringing together the top doctors to determine a patient’s course of treatment.



We have had four PinnacleCare members use the cancer panel; all of their experiences were positive, ranging from extending their life to successfully treating the cancer. The woman who used CANCER PANELS as her last resort? She has been sailing her yacht in the Caribbean for the last couple of years in full remission.

I recommend using CANCER PANELS for any patient who has a very complex illness and faces important questions on the best next steps in their options and treatment."

Ronnie Armist-Executive Director

Stonehage Investment Partners LLP London, United Kingdom

"I was diagnosed with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer towards the end of 2007. I had access to some very good doctors/oncologists in the UK. However, not surprisingly, I was keen to explore every avenue at my disposal. Through my local network I was referred to Jim Martell in the United States who together with Dr. David Sidransky had set up this new concept of in-person panel discussions. I immediately engaged them to help me in my fight against cancer.

Having access to some of the best cancer people in this field gave me comfort and peace of mind that I was exploring every medical avenue available. The lung cancer panel has been available and accessible within a few weeks of my queries and have always provided a realistic and practical solution. They have always made “state of the art“ recommendations and the treatment I have received to date has been “cutting edge."

I cannot recommend the concept and the panel strongly enough."

Robyn Stoller

Rockville, Maryland Co-Founder & President Peregrine Cancer Foundation www.peregrinecancer.org CancerHAWK blog www.CancerHawk.com

"Dear Jim,

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you, Dr. David Sidransky and the members of the Sarcoma Panel. After the first two treatment regimens by the local oncologist failed (which were the "standard of care") for my husband Alan's rare and aggressive pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcoma cancer, we found you and Dr. Sidransky through a friend. You gave us hope and I have no doubt whatsoever that the treatment recommendations proposed by the Sarcoma Panel that you put together added six to seven months on to my husband Alan's life.

During these additional months, my husband was able to see his 11 year old daughter be part of a winning dance team and graduate elementary school. He was able to see his 9 year old son play tackle football for the first time and go to a NY Giants game together. He was able to see his six year old son get on a school bus for the very first time, graduate kindergarten and grow from baby to big boy.

My family and I can rest at night knowing that with your help, we did everything humanly possible. Because of your commitment to revolutionizing cancer care, we were able to give Alan the BEST possible chance at beating this horrific disease against almost insurmountable odds.

My sincere and utmost gratitude."